How to adapt your operations to post-COVID

How to adapt your operations to post-COVID

The reopening of restaurants will mean simplifying operations to make them safer, simpler and more cost efficient. In these difficult times, the rule of thumb will be “Less is more”.

Menu rationalization

To ensure profitability, food service operators need to get back to basics and streamline their menus, concentrating on the things they do best. Keep your most popular items and only add choices that serve to attract new clients or generate additional revenue. 

Fewer ingredients

When revisiting your menu, limiting the quantity of ingredients you use in your recipes, will simplify supply, reception and management of stock. Additionally, you will reduce food waste. Your operations will be more productive, and your staffing needs reduced. To inspire you, have a look at our “3 recipes, 6 ingredients” series which focuses on chicken strips, breaded chicken, roast turkey, and sausages

Reduced preparation time

Reduce time required for food preparation by choosing portioned or fully cooked products. Also, portioned foods make controlling costs easier while fully cooked foods reduce the risk of contamination as well as the costs related to their preparation and cooking. Ask your Olymel Food Service Representative to fill you in on our wide selection of portioned and cooked products.


Less self-serve

To ensure customers’ safety, the practice of self-service should be reviewed and modified. Buffets and salad bars can safely resume if an employee serves the food selected to the customer. Tables should not be laid out in advance and utensils will arrive with meals. Condiments on tables must be replaced with individual portions. Beverage dispensers should be located behind counters. Touch screens for ordering will need to be cleaned regularly.

We can help!

When the pressure’s on, food service operators can count on partners like Olymel Food Service to respond rapidly to all production and supply orders. In addition to offering a large quantity of quality products, OFS will help you find the very best solutions to help reduce your costs, adapt your recipes and, minimize risk. 



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