3 recipes, 6 ingredients: the simplicity of fully cooked products

3 recipes, 6 ingredients: the simplicity of fully cooked products

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One advantage of limiting the number of ingredients in a menu is improved stock rotation. The result: reduced food losses and higher margins. And by using fully cooked products, you keep both waste and costs down!

With cooked products, labour costs are also reduced for both cooking and prep time. Because they are easy to use and to portion, (just thaw the required quantity), the cost per portion is stable and easy to calculate.


Your 6 ingredients

Featured product: Chicken breast strips, fully cooked (#606-0207)

  • Sweet potato
  • Red onion
  • Brown rice
  • Black beans
  • Cheese

       + garnishes (vinaigrette, condiments, spices, etc.)


Our 3 recipes


1. Chicken and brown rice bowl

Chicken brown rice bowl

A delicious bowl brimming with cooked brown rice, cubed sweet potato, chicken strips, sliced red onion and black beans. For garnish: guacamole, mango-lime vinaigrette, cilantro and lime quarters, to taste.


2. Sweet potato with BBQ chicken

Sweet Potatoe Chicken Strips

On top of oven-baked sweet potato halves, fluffed up with a fork, pile on chicken strips reheated in BBQ sauce. Garnish with sliced red onion, grated cheese, and serve with choice of cilantro and/or sour cream.


3. Chicken and black bean tortillas

Chicken and brown beans tortilla

On your choice of tortilla, spoon some cooked rice, shredded cheese and a blend of chicken strips, black beans and chopped red onion seasoned with chili powder. Roll up fajitas-style and serve hot, with your choice of condiments.


Anti-waste recipe: Mexican chicken soup

Have any leftover ingredients? Make this Mexican soup and add all of them to the stock, even those small pieces of chicken you find in the bottom of the chicken strip bag!


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