3 recipes, 6 ingredients: turkey roasts can do it all

3 recipes, 6 ingredients: turkey roasts can do it all

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Cooking a single piece of meat can help extend the number of recipes you can make while limiting your purchases. A nice way to reduce waste and increase profits!

According to the number of portions required, you can even cook multiple roasts at one time (follow directions on the packaging) and use them over the next three or four days, saving you even more time and effort.

Your ingredients

Featured product : Boneless raw turkey breast roast (white and dark meat) (#811-8141)

• Sweet potatoes
• Frozen green vegetables
• Flaky pastry
• Béchamel sauce
• Brown gravy
+ garnishes (vinaigrette, condiments, spices, etc.)


Our three recipes


1. Sliced roast

Sliced turkey roast

The hot turkey roast is served sliced with mashed sweet potatoes, sautéed green vegetables and a sauce or gravy of your choice.


2. Super easy turkey pie

Turkey Meat Pie

Sweet potato cubes, chopped cooked vegetables and cubed turkey roast in a hearty béchamel sauce flavoured with chicken soup base. Just place mixture in mini-casseroles and cover with flaky pastry.


3. Hot turkey sandwich

Hot turkey sandwich

A real classic: Pull the cooked turkey roast, assemble, sandwich-style between two pieces of bread then smother in brown gravy and top with green vegetables, serve with oven-fried sweet potatoes. To maximize your pantry, build sandwiches from left over bread.


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