Olymel's food service served in a restaurant.


Bringing you dishes that make steady returns while keeping on top of the latest trends: that’s our goal… and our specialty! Let us help you save time and simplify your kitchen operations.


  • Innovation

    Our team of experts is always listening to your needs in order to offer you new products.

  • Speed

    Thanks to our quick-cooking bags and many other product innovations, Olymel saves you precious time and reduces the need for highly trained personnel.

  • Uniformity

    With our closely calibrated chicken breasts, our centre-flank bacon and our formed products, you’ll be able to offer a consistent experience every time.

Food lab scientists

Direct from our labs

Every day, our chefs experiment with new techniques and develop tasty new products that make a restaurant operator’s life easier. Entrust your problem to them: they’ll find a solution!

Olymel's Chicken Wings plate

Fully cooked

Pre-cooked products BECAUSE TIME IS MONEY

Reduce your staffing needs and equipment wear and tear and accelerate service times with our wide selection of fully or partially cooked products.

Products examples

Accelerate your operations with our large variety of products. And they go way beyond bacon! Choose from our range of pork, chicken and turkey pieces that are ready in the blink of an eye.

Same great dish every time

Product consistency

Build a solid reputation by offering consistent quality, meal after meal. Our pre-cooked, sliced and pre-portioned products ensure consistency of taste, but also of cost.

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