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For hotels, caterers and other hospitality services, food is a central part of the customer experience. Simplify your operations with our easy-to-serve products


  • Flexibility

    Relying on our expertise and wide and varied range of products, our team knows how to find solutions to your clients’ specific problems.

  • Reliability

    Your clients will receive consistent and uniform products every time.

  • Sales Optimization

    Olymel Food Service works with you to increase your clients’ sales volumes.

Working to earn your trust…

We create
lasting relationships

Our relationship with our clients is more than business. It’s a partnership.

Marc Laroche, Corporate Chef, Olymel

Our clients need to know that they can trust what we’re going to bring them, that it’s going to work for them. That they aren’t taking a risk.

Sheri Lamoureux, Director of Sales, Western Canada

Our clients stay with us because we never give up on them, no matter what challenges stand before them.

Francis Huot, Regional Sales Director, Québec

The art of hospitality

Choose from among a wide selection of foods all designed for the realities of events and receptions, from preparation to cooking to service.

Multiple-use products

Extreme versatility

Cooking a single food in a number of ways, that’s a great strategy for expanding your menu while keeping your inventory manageable. Learn more about our range of multiple-use products.

Product examples

Enhance your buffet or your menu with a selection of products that your guests will adore and that you’ll really love for their practical and economical advantages.

A Team of specialists

At your service!

Meal preparation in the hospitality sector can present quite a challenge. Consult our advisors and chefs specialized in this area to help optimize your menus and your operations.

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