3 recipes, 6 ingredients: breaded chicken is always a hit

3 recipes, 6 ingredients: breaded chicken is always a hit

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To reach your goals in food waste reduction and higher profitability, it's advantageous to serve popular products and maximize the number of applications you use.

Pre-seasoned breaded products are great in a whole bunch of recipes your customers love, which translate into a generally higher turnover rate. And, as you know, high turnover means fewer losses and less waste!

These products are also quick to prepare (from freezer to fryer) and easy to portion, helping you
stabilize your cost per portion.


Your ingredients

Featured product:  Thunder Crunch™ breaded chicken strips (#701-1016)

• Peppers
• Onions
• Cheese
• Salsa
• Rice
+ garnishes (vinaigrette, condiments, spices, etc.)


Our three recipes


1. Nachos-style chicken strips

Nacho style chicken strips

Bake the Thunder Crunch™ chicken strips until crispy and generously top with chopped peppers and onions and grated cheese. Broil and serve with salsa and tortilla chips on the side.


2. Crispy, cheesy chicken tortillas

Crispy cheesy chicken tortilla

On your choice of tortilla, place the Thunder Crunch ™ chicken strips, Mexican seasoned sautéed peppers and onions, grated cheese and salsa. Grill and serve.


3. Mexican crispy chicken strip bowl

Mexican chicken bowl

In a wide rim bowl, spoon the cooked rice, top with Thunder Crunch™ chicken strips, julienned peppers, sliced onion, grated cheese and salsa. For added crunch, garnish with tortilla chip pieces.


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