5 trends that are changing the way we eat breakfast

5 trends that are changing the way we eat breakfast

1. People eat breakfast all day long

Because work schedules are more and more flexible, consumers aren’t sticking to fixed meal times anymore. And because breakfast tends to be a warm, nourishing meal, people crave it at all hours of the day. If your clients are clamouring for comfort food, consider offering an all-day breakfast menu. 


2. Eating on the go

We know how the latest generation fuels up for speed and performance, so breakfast has to fit their hectic schedules. Hence the popularity of breakfast sandwiches, which can be eaten anywhere easily. Go with dishes that travel well, like a breakfast calzone , and which can be eaten with one hand while they do other things, like drive, text, or check messages.


3. People love to snack

Eating multiple snacks instead of full meals is becoming the new normal. And breakfast dishes fit the bill quite well for people looking for lighter foods with some protein that are both portable and delicious. Think about offering them in mini-serving or snack-size portions, like a stuffed crêpe, a cheddar-bacon scone, or an egg mini-pizza.  


4. Eating with a sense of adventure

Consumers are seeking new flavours and new experiences, even at breakfast. Ever popular ethnic flavours are easily adapted to breakfast dishes thanks to the spices, peppers and other condiments characteristic of South American, Middle Eastern or Asian cuisine. You could offer exotic dishes inspired by the foods of the world, like fried chicken and waffles, a soul food staple, or sausage burritos rancheros, with their Mexican flare.


5. Taking care of ourselves

For many years now, this trend, which is common to all age groups, has been inspiring consumers to look for natural products and healthier foods. Case in point, the smoothie-and-granola wave, which is still going strong.  Don’t forget oatmeal, the new kid on the healthy breakfast block. Why not offer oatmeal with bacon cubes and berries for a healthy food with that indulgen twist?


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