Ready for the Super Bowl?

Ready for the Super Bowl?

Every year in February, more than 100 million Americans and 10 million Canadians watch the Super Bowl. About 5% of them watch from a bar or restaurant and 15% are likely to order take-out for the event. That makes it a great opportunity to offer a Super Bowl experience in your dining room… or a super feast to go!

For Super Bowl party success, the size of the screen and sound quality are a lot less important than the type of food, the atmosphere and the giveaways! Here are a few ideas to help you score big points with football fans when it comes to your dining room experience or delivery menu.

For a lot of people, the very best part of watching the Super Bowl is the food. It’s the one day of the year where any thought of calorie counting goes right out the window! In front of the TV it’s always a good idea to serve food that you can eat with your fingers. Of course wings and pizza are standards, but don’t forget nachos, popcorn, pogos, spare ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets, cold cut platters and much, much more. Show off your creativity with a dish that’s not normally on the menu. You can also prepare trays of appetizers for sharing that customers can devour in the dining room or at home.


Canadian chicken producers estimate that Canadians consume 76 million chicken wings during the game, making it one of the all-time favourite Super Bowl foods. But wings would never be that popular if it weren’t for the sauce! Here are 5 tested and true winners:

  • BBQ
  • Ranch
  • Buffalo
  • Honey mustard
  • Blue cheese



A festive atmosphere, decorations in the teams’ colours, activities before the game and at half time… these are the kinds of details that make the difference between a good time and an amazing time. To spice things up, organize a contest where you ask your customers to reply to a quiz before the game. The people with the best score can win a free meal (enticing them to come back!). You can even staple your quiz to your take-out orders so customers can have some fun at home!


Get out your crystal ball! Make your predictions. Which one of you will get the most right answers?


  1. How long will the national anthem last (in min. and sec.)?
  2. Will it be heads or tails?
  3. The first points will be scored by: a touchdown, a safety or a field goal?
  4. Which team will score first?
  5. Which team will draw the first penalty?
  6. Who is the half-time show main sponsor?
  7. Will there be an interception in the third quarter?
  8. What will be the final score?
  9. Which team will win?
  10. Will the game’s MVP be a quarterback?


Offer a 2 for 1 deal on a dish or special pricing on meals before or during the game. Offer a free beer or one of your signature cocktails with purchase of a meal. You can also get people into the spirit by offering a free plate of chicken wings if the customer wears their favourite team’s jersey.


The golden rule for attracting customers is to let them know what’s happening in your establishment. Post your Super Bowl menu on your web site and on social media. If you have a customer email list, don’t hesitate to write them. And don’t forget to mention that you also offer orders for take-out and delivery.



The most important thing is knowing what to expect. By taking reservations (even for take-out orders), you can adequately plan your purchasing and staff needs.

Also organize the work to avoid forgetting things and wasting time. If needed, simplify the menu to streamline your operations and ensure prompt service. For instance, promote items that are quick to prepare, like pre-prepared, ready-to-cook or fully cooked foods, like our X-TREM breaded chicken pieces (#7011034), which are always a hit, or our turkey strips (#8122238), which are great in nachos and wraps.




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