When the generations go out to eat

When the generations go out to eat

Baby Boomers: the good life
Born 1946 to 1965

People over 50 make up one third of Canada's population today and their buying power is impressive. On average, they eat over 200 restaurant meals per year, especially breakfast. Baby Boomers therefore make a very good target, if you know how to cater to their preferences. These start with meals made from fresh, nutritious ingredients, because they're concerned about their health. Don't be shy to add highly flavoured foods to your menu, because the sense of taste and smell tend to become less acute with age.

Tip: Introduce healthy dishes to your menu with proteins like turkey and chicken and punch them up with tasty seasonings. Ask about our turkey breast with no added salt.

Generation X
Generation X: the authentic ones
Born 1966 to 1976

Even if they are fewer in number than the Boomers and Gen Y, Xers are at the peak of their active lives and their buying power – often amplified by two incomes – is a great reason to target them. Daring without being too adventurous, Xers prefer the kind of comfort foods that combine authenticity and originality (think artisanal pizza or gourmet burgers). At restaurants, they like a relaxed atmosphere, maybe even a bit on the traditional side, and they turn to food delivery more often than any other group.

Tip: Revisit comfort foods with a fresh, new spin, like Korean Braised Pork Shanks or Balsamic Maple Spare Ribs.


Generation Y: the explorers
Born 1977 to 1992

Known for their taste for adventure, Millennials go out a lot and consume more out of home than any preceding generation. They're looking for authentic experiences, ethnic flavours, healthy and fresh dishes with a unique story behind them (hello local ingredients!). In their day to day, they are looking for practicality, simplicity and easy access to what they eat, while evenings and weekends they splurge on more refined pleasures, often in a group (consider menus and dishes well-adapted to sharing).

Tip: To satisfy their quest for unique flavours, try offering unusual combinations: ramen pork burger, breakfast nachos, Indian chicken on mac 'n' cheese...

Generation Z
Generation Z: the individualists
Born post-1993

The generation that was born with the Internet and who grew up with a tablet in their hands is a force to be reckoned with in the restaurant business: most of these young people who aren't even 20 will go out to eat at least once a week. While they live in uncertain economic and social times, they do not hesitate to read reviews and menus before choosing a restaurant. They are also amenable to promotions, especially those they receive on their phones. At restaurants, they are looking for a personalized experience and an international cuisine, characterized by varied and lesser-known ingredients.

Tip: Invite them to create their own sandwich by offering them a selection of ingredients. To speed up service, you can always turn to our selection of cooked and deli products.


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