Smoked roast turkey breast sandwich

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Preparation time: 5 minutes
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Cook time: 5 minutes
Olymel smoked roast turkey breast sandwich


3 3 slices of Olymel roast turkey breast
1 1 panini
22.5 ml 1 1/2 tbsp Old Style mustard
2 2 slices of mozzarella cheese
2 2 slices of Swiss cheese
15 ml 1 tbsp olive oil
2 2 leaves of Boston lettuce


  • Cut the panini in half and spread the inside with mustard.
  • Add the slices of chicken breast, then the cheeses, close the panini and brush the outside with oil.
  • Grill in a panini press until the cheese starts to run.
  • Delicately open the sandwich and insert the lettuce leaves, close it up again and cut in half. Serve warm.