Giving back together

Through its Olymel brands, the Purchase and Give Back program commits to give back 7 million pork and poultry servings across Canada in 2020 . We'll continue to support multiple food banks from coast to coast with the enthusiastic help of our employees who give of their time raising money and organizing volounteering initiatives for all Canadians across the country.

Living with Hunger in Canada

Right now, 1 in 8 households in Canada is food insecure, amounting to over 4 million Canadians, including 1.15 million children, living in homes that struggle to put food on the table.
34.1% of food bank users are children
1 in 5 Canadians have used a food bank in their life
4 million Canadians experience food insecurity
1 in 8 households struggle to put food on the table

Millions of servings given back in 2019
1,500,000 Servings of chicken
4,000,000 Servings of pork
1,500,000 Servings of deli meats

Canadian initiatives from coast to coast

Every year, Olymel employees commit to raising funds and volunteering their time to help support food banks all across the country. Look at some examples of what has been done for your region. 

  • Clair, New-Brunswick

    Actions for Atelier R.A.D.O.

    Through their fundraising work and volunteerism, Sunnymel opted to help a number of organizations in their region, especially cafeteria committees in area grade schools and seniors’ homes, to help people in their community enjoy nutritious meals. In addition, in 2020, they are committed to giving back 190 kg of chicken every week to Atelier R.A.D.O. in Edmundston, so the food bank can improve its offering with some quality protein.

  • Montreal, Quebec

    140 hours for Montreal

    On September 28, 34 staff members from Olymel Anjou and Olymel Boucherville lent staff and volunteers of Moisson Montreal a helping hand with the sorting and packing of food in the warehouse. In all, 3484 kg of carrots, 2794 kg of squash and 4411 kg of cabbage were sorted and packed, totalling over 140 hours of work.

  • Berthierville, Quebec

    Family Day for Lanaudière

    On September 8, the Berthierville plant organized an employee family celebration in support of Moisson Lanaudière. Over 300 Olymel employees, their families and friends took part in a variety of activities, including a soccer tournament, games of all kinds and face painting for the kids. Money raised during the event from sales of food, promotional products and Olymel Lotto tickets was all donated to Moisson Lanaudière.

  • Cornwall, Ontario

    Mobilizing for Cornwall

    After a visit to the Agapè Centre, staff members were moved by the organization’s good works that benefit so many people in a small town like Cornwall. They decided to contribute to the financing and service of meals by donating food, sponsoring certain meals and volunteering to help out.

  • Greater Toronto Area, Ontario

    Initiatives in the GTA

    Staff members in the greater Toronto Area got together to raise money for the Knights of Columbus by holding a BBQ, raffles and bake sales, and they regularly take part in the group’s activities on behalf of organizations in the community.

  • Humboldt, Saskatchewan

    BBQ and Farmer Delivery Fundraiser

    Olysky employees decided to launch fundraising activities in support of the Humboldt and District Food Bank. Since 2018, Humboldt staff have raised money by cooking and delivering meals to farmers in their fields during the busiest time of year on the farm in exchange for $1,000 for each delivery. Farmers enjoyed these deluxe meals right there in the fields.  All money raised went to support the food bank. 

  • Red Deer, Alberta

    Lunch service program with Mustard Seed

    Employees at the Red Deer plant wanted to become ambassadors for The Mustard Seed by helping spread the word about the organization in the community and setting up an employment program for the homeless. They get down to work every time the organization needs volunteers for meal preparation and service and contribute food products each month that help feed approximately 200 homeless persons. What’s more, they supply meat used to make sandwiches for four lunches per week to serve 350 school-aged children.

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