Breaded chicken breasts (seasoned)

Olymel Olymel
These breaded chicken burgers have a round shape that fits a burger bun exactly. Made with white and dark meat, they're as tender and juicy as can be. A great economical choice for cafeterias and snack bars.
Expected product life (days)
Cooking state
Parfried‚ raw
Combi, Deep Fryer, Conventionnal oven
  • Preservatives Free Preservatives Free
  • No artificial flavor No artificial flavor
  • Prepared in Canada Prepared in Canada



Produit : 7013373

SCC 14 : 10065137534467


Protein Chicken
Meat type White Meat‚ Dark Meat
Cooking state Parfried‚ raw
Block of meat Chopped & Formed
Type of coating Breading

Nutritional information


Chicken meat, Water, Toasted wheat crumbs, Canola and/or soy oil, Yellow corn flour, Soy protein isolate, Corn starch, Salt, Wheat flour, Hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, Sugars (dextrose), Guar gum, Spice extractives, Caramel colour. Contains: Wheat, Soy. May contain: Milk, Eggs.


Contains* : Eggs, Gluten, Milk, Soy, Wheat

*Verified for : Nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, wheat, eggs, milk, soybeans, crustaceans, shellfish, fish, mustard seeds, sulphite (>10 ppm) and gluten sources (barley oat, rye, triticale, wheat)

    Nutrition Facts

    Per burger
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 190
    % Daily Value*
    Fat 8 g 11%
    Saturated 1.5 g 8%
    + Trans 0.1 g
    Carbohydrate 16 g
    Fibre 1 g 4%
    Sugars 0 g
    Protein 12 g
    Cholesterol 25 mg
    Sodium (430 mg) 19%
    Potassium 125 mg 3%
    Calcium 10 mg 1%
    Iron 2 mg 11%



    Temperature ° C : 220

    Temperature ° F : 425

    Duration minutes : From 10 to 11 minutes

    Combi oven preparation : Fan high ; Dry heat

    Conventionnal Oven

    Temperature ° C : 232

    Temperature ° F : 450

    Duration minutes : From 20 to 25 minutes

    Conventional oven preparation : Make sure internal temperature reaches 165°F (74°C). Appliances vary, adjust accordingly.

    Deep Fryer

    Temperature ° C : 350

    Temperature ° F : 177

    Duration minutes : From 4 to 4 minutes

    Fryer preparation : Make sure internal temperature reaches 165°F (74°C). Appliances vary, adjust accordingly.



    Storage Temperature Frozen
    Expected product life (days) 365

    Case dimensions

    Height (cm) 19.5
    Length (cm) 29.5
    Width (cm) 22.1
    Case Net Weight (kg) 3.4
    # of inner package per case 2

    Pallet configuration

    Tiers (# of layers) 6
    Tie (cases per pallet) 90
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