The new brunch

The new brunch

The classics revisited

If you want to please grandma as well as the latest addition to the family, focus on a variety of classic dishes, but with a new twist. Sometimes all you have to do is change how the food is presented or add a couple of ingredients to turn a simple dish into something people will really fall for. For instance, revisit eggs benedict by serving a poached egg on a crostini spread with cretons or, for a healthier version, on an English muffin with slices of turkey and apple.

To broaden your offering without affecting profitability, why not create brunch items using the same ingredients you use at lunch and supper. For instance, our ThunderCrunch breaded chicken products are extremely versatile and can provide a very pleasant element of surprise.

Ham Fritata

Ethnic flavours

People's cravings for international cuisines have trickled down to brunch. You can bring an exotic note to your dishes by incorporating sweet and salty flavours, by adding spicy condiments like gochujang sauce or by introducing typical dishes like burritos with sausages Rancheros or breakfast calzones.

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy versions

More and more, Canadians are concerned with their health, and this trend goes for every age group. So it's important to offer healthy choices on your brunch menu. Think turkey, which is considered to be an excellent healthy protein. What's more, its neutral flavour goes well with other ingredients. So you can replace that slice of ham with a slice of turkey in eggs benedict or add turkey sausage to your omelette or turkey smoked meat to a breakfast sandwich. In addition to expanding your menu, you'll see that your cost per portion is quite attractive.

Dishes for sharing

Curious and adventurous, Millennials want to try everything and definitely enjoy sharing their impressions. To pique their interest, try offering dishes meant for sharing by reducing the portion size or by serving bite-sized quantities on a platter. Miniaturize your signature dishes, create mini-smoothies in shot glasses or offer mini-muffins or sliders. Prepare breakfast pizzas topped with béchamel, breakfast sausage, bacon cubes or a sunny side up egg on each slice. Or simply present a platter of charcuterie which you can combine with a fruit plate and some sweets.

Eggs Benedict with sausage

Presentation is everything

We can't repeat it often enough, people eat with their eyes and a gorgeous plate always generates oohs and aahs. It starts with some interesting crockery that's well suited to each dish, followed by some artful plating and finishing with a studied placement of garnishes for maximum visual appeal.

Also, there's nothing like a bit of altitude to make a plate look awesome. Using the stacked approach to plating as with vegetable Napoleons or skyscraper sandwiches always has a spectacular effect. You can also use a solid base like a crostini or a naan bread and pile slices of meat, fresh vegetables and colourful condiments on top.


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