The fight against waste: all for one and one for all!

The fight against waste: all for one and one for all!

The fight against waste: all for one and one for all!

It’s estimated that avoidable food waste generated in the restaurant business makes up 13% of total food waste in Canada. Reduce your losses and increase your profits by getting your team on board the fight against waste!  


How much do you waste?

Start by evaluating the amount and sources of food waste. For one week, ask your team to sort and weigh food waste daily. Set up containers for food waste generated during preparation, for table waste and for expired foods. You’ll quickly see if the food you waste is due to the amount of food left on plates, errors made in the kitchen or problems with food storage.


All ideas welcome

Your staff is in a very good positon to see where your food waste is produced and often has great ideas to help correct the situation. Invite them to discuss ways to reduce waste, whether by using up trimmings and leftovers, revising the menu or plate contents or by reviewing your practices. 


Before throwing out a tomato because it’s bruised, ask yourself if you can’t cut off the bruised part and use the rest in a soup or sauce.  


Inventory management: a critical issue

You need a detailed food inventory management system that every staff member needs to know and master. By making staff aware of food costs, good hygiene practices, preparation techniques, product rotation and the importance of keeping an eye on use-by dates, you’ll share this responsibility with them while reducing your waste.

An effort that pays

A lack of time and resources often limits an operator’s ability to implement a structured approach to reducing food waste. But the benefits largely outweigh the inconveniences. In addition to increasing your margins, you will help earn the loyalty of customers who are concerned about the environment, including many Millennials. You’ll also be building team spirit among your staff, which will help you retain them.

Efforts to reduce food waste can help lower a restaurant’s costs by 2 to 6%.


Need some advice?

You’ll find more ideas on how to reduce food waste in our Exclusive Zone. 


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