Creativity at work : Boneless smoked ham

Creativity at work : Boneless smoked ham

Everyone knows that ham is a very familiar food that we know and love. Ham and butter on a baguette or
on a breakfast plate are classic uses, but it is time to think beyond the traditional ways of using this versatile
protein. Ham can be used for center of the plate, but also as an ingredient that adds flavor and a touch of saltiness to asparagus rolls, quiches, croque monsieur and grilled cheese sandwiches. Sliced thick or thin, cubed or in strips, it is time to add ham to your favorite recipes or create new inspirations!

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Breakfast sandwiches are a staple everywhere on morning menus. Why not capture more market share by offering this sandwich all day long! It will soon be one of your customer’s menu favorites. The smoky and salty taste of ham and cheese, a golden runny egg yolk and the sweetness of the waffle with maple syrup garnished with a few spinach leaves is a definite winning combination.



This tasty chowder is full of corn, potatoes, celery, onion and ham is equally good as a starter or a meal. Perfectly in synch with today’s sustainable lifestyles, all the ingredients can be grown and sourced locally.



This salad is the perfect combo of sweet, salty and bitter with peppery notes. Serve as a starter, in a buffet or as a main dish. Exquisite and refined, it lets you maximize your use of ham in an elegant and unexpected way.


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