Creativity at work : Boneless chicken thighs

Creativity at work : Boneless chicken thighs

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In the past, chicken thighs have often been ignored in favor of chicken breasts. Now, this delicious part of the chicken is quickly emerging as a sought-after ingredient in many recipes. As cuisines of the world gain popularity, chicken thighs deliver flavor, tenderness, and versatility. Using chicken thighs is also a great way to reduce animal protein portion size while delivering beautiful chicken flavor and using more vegetables, beans, noodles rice and eggs while controlling your cost per portion.


banh mi chicken


A Vietnamese street food classic, our version combines the traditional baguette and pickled vegetables with tender chicken thighs marinated and oven roasted or grilled. For an explosion of freshness, garnish with cilantro and serve.


Ramen chicken


A sure winner on any menu, this meal sized soup, rich in umami is very popular. It’s rich, earthy and meaty flavors are enhanced with green onion and fresh herbs.


chackchouka chicken


This North African dish is pan-cooked, simmered chicken thighs with green pepper, tomatoes and onion. Add one or two eggs while cooking to complete, garnish with fresh herbs and serve with bread for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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