BBQ season is just around the corner!

BBQ season is just around the corner!

Even if the warm weather hasn’t quite arrived yet, longer days and buds breaking out everywhere are a sure sign that the thing we’ve all been waiting for is here: BBQ season! Add some sunshine to a client’s day with a taste of those barbecue days ahead: grilled meats that are as comforting as they are easy to prepare. 

If BBQ doesn’t fit in with your usual menu, try having a themed dinner (the Sunday BBQ, for instance) and serve an assortment of grilled meats (ribs, chicken wings, wieners or Italian sausages, etc.).

Don’t have a grill or barbecue?  No worries. Try our pre-cooked products with their great BBQ flavour, or test out our tips on how to add a touch of smokiness to your favourite dishes.


Go with a classic

More often than not, when we’re talking BBQ, we’re talking ribs. Despite all the mess and sticky fingers, no one can resist delectable rib meat that falls right off the bone. Olymel has three varieties all fully cooked you can just heat and serve. 

St-Louis style pork side ribs (97532), commonly called spare ribs, are the cut usually featured in American rib competitions. For a fresh take on side dishes, replace traditional coleslaw with an Asian salad or a pepper, onion and corn salsa.

pork side ribs


Back ribs (97534), or baby back ribs, are thicker and meatier but shorter than side ribs. Reheat with a tangy, slightly sweet BBQ sauce with just a hint of added smoke flavour.
back ribs


For a truly effortless meal, try our pork back ribs in BBQ sauce (97533).  All you do is reheat them in the oven for that delicious crispy glaze.

pork back ribs in bbq sauce


That smoky taste is within your reach

A number of seasonings today can help you achieve that characteristic smoky BBQ flavour. The best known is without a doubt liquid smoke, made using a 100% natural condensation process. Add a few drops to your marinade or barbecue sauce for surprising results!

On the dry rub side, add smoked salt flakes to your rub to flavour meats. You can also try ground Lapsang Souchong tea leaves for their strong smoky flavour.

Try it with pork cubes (97261) you marinate overnight served on skewers accompanied by a fresh salad made with feta cheese, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and mint. 

pork cubes


Now more than ever in this time of crisis, the Olymel Food Service team is here for you. If you need product information, advice or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


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